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Osmanlı Reklam® that took the road to transform technology and design into life was established in 1959 in Ankara and started its activities in a small workshop with the team consisting of a few. Today, it works in three continents and 19 countries with its team consisting of 312 experts together with assembly fleet having 32 vehicles. As Osmanlı Reklam® with our renewed dynamic structure, we successfully achieve all three important phases of a project – design, manufacture and assembly, having 20.000 m2 of production facilities in a closed area – ASO I Organised Industrial Zone.

As Osmanlı Reklam®, we are proud of being a company that is recognized in a domestic and international market as a result of continuous development of its institutional structure, efficient management of our financial resources, harmonizing the managerial structures with modern applications, following innovations production field,considering technological improvements and innovations for providing qualified services focused on people’s health and environment.

Our fields of activities are;

• Gas Station Installation (Turnkey)
• Gas Station Corporate ID Claddings
• Institutional ID Design
• Steel Construction
• Side Coating (Composite, Aluminium)
• All Signboard Types
• Digital Printing and Vehicle Applications
• Product and Exhibition Stands (Wooden and Metal)
• Market Furniture
• LED and Neon Products
• Maintenance and Renewal
• Totem and Pylon Applications




  • 1. Since the moment of our establishment we have never compromised the quality; put as a main priority our customers’ and shareholders’ requirements; used basic constructive approaches to shareholders, environment and employees to make a qualified production in advanced technological conditions.
  • 2. Dynamic, active, continuously improved processes of documentation and implementation with efficient check-points created in accordance with established ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.
  • 3. Ensuring the procurement of only qualified product and services, continuous control of outsourcing processes allowed to add right values to our suppliers and establish right communication.
  • 4. Immediate and transparent customer relations service created in accordance with established ISO 10002:2006 Quality Management System – Customer Satisfaction.
  • 5. Managing our environmental impacts with least damage in accordance with establishment ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System; defining the environmental framework of the design according to legal and environmental legislation.
  • 6. Managing emergencies and accidents’ risks with the least damage according to OHSAS 18001:2008 Occupational Health And Safety Management System.
  • 7. To create an environment in which our employees’ loyalty will increase; to invest in employees’ improvement, to generate required policies and technical knowledge to protect and develop this environment, and to make our company attractive for qualified personnel, to maintain the qualified personnel working in the company.

    To follow closely the improvements in the industry; the best to meet the current and future demands of the customers together with the importance it gives to technological infrastructure, humans and environment.


    To be an international company creating sustainable value for its shareholders in the institutional ID application sector.



As Osmanlı Reklam, it is our basic principle to form a sustainable and healthy life cycle; to provide continuous production and services provision for further diversification and increasing productivity within the scope of the activities we perform.


    There are 3 basic components to be considered in our sustainability strategy;

    1) Environmental Sustainability
    2) Economic Sustainability
    3) Social Sustainability

    Sustainability principles honored by our company in domestic and foreign market are reflected in the Integrated Management System. Our Integrated Management System established with the reference to the Quality, Environment and ISP Policies were formed pursuant to below standards:

    • TS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
    • TS ISO 10002:2006 Quality Management – Customer Satisfaction
    • TS ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System
    • TS OHSAS 18001:2008 Occupational Health And Safety Management System

    Due to established Integrated Management System, we manage all procedures from raw material purchase to delivery and after-sale services to trace, measure and improve continuously. This system, focused on environment, human and customers is absolutely transparent and can be monitored and controlled at every stage; it allows our shareholders and partners to receive immediately all the information and to contribute to the management processes.

    Our equipped according to current requirements organizational structure enables us to define, trace and control every single process. The OTS software created by our IT Department is used to follow our work flow and is continuously developed. In addition to the following, Osmanlı Reklam® works actively within the framework of the sustainability strategy to integrate technological innovations, environment, humans’ and employees health.

    Osmanlı Reklam works:
    • to identify customer’s needs and to provide the best quality services with the reference to legislation, rules and without compromising social responsibility by using efficiently all its resources, including modern approaches and specialized staff, according to the projects and the contracts
    • to improve its services and production quality at every stage according to the projects and contracts
    • to be a successful and reliable company
    • to improve itself continuously

    Osmanlı Reklam undertakes the responsibility:
    • to create a safe working environment at every stage for saving employees, subcontractors and suppliers from any injuries and health deterioration
    • to increase the training activities carried out at every stage
    • to comply with the current legislation and requirements of the relevant institutions
    • to improve OHS continuously

    With the purpose of leaving a liveable environment for the next generations, Osmanlı Reklam continues investments and undertakes the responsibility:
    • to train firstly its team of experts, suppliers and contractors to cooperate for the creation of the environmental culture
    • to comply with the current legislation, environment terms and requirements of the relevant institutions
    • to improve Environmental Policy continuously
    • to reduce the waste of resource and consequently to prevent the pollution

    1. Osmanlı Reklam works according to Environmental Permission Certificate №614 issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, dated 25.06.2015.
    2. Environmental risk analysis was performed for our company and the legislation is being harmonized and followed continuously.
    3. The waste codes of the wastes produced by our company were defined according to the 29314 Directive on Waste Management, dated 02.04.2015. The wastes of our company are collected managed according to the EYS-P06-T01 Waste Directive Instruction.
    4. All the precautions to reduce the waste formation are taken in our company to reduce the waste formation.
    5. Three-year Waste Management Plan of use was prepared and approved.
    6. The amount of our waste is recorded. The labelling and packaging is performed with reference to internationally accepted standards; all the wastes are sent to licensed recycling or disposal facilities in accordance with the internationally accepted standards requirements.
    7. The Waste Declaration Form is filled and submitted to the office of governor. The UATF form in Annex 9 A-B is used and related legal rules are complied.
    8. Our facility produces no more than 1000 kg hazardous waste in a month. Therefore, our company does not need to get temporary storage permission.
    9. The wastes are stored in Hazardous Waste Field in our facility according to the internationally accepted standards under appropriate conditions. All kinds of WHS precautions for the waste management at the facility have already been taken.
    10. As our company supplies packaged goods to the market, it is in the scope of the Supplier Definition. We have the supplier user code and password and fulfill our annual obligation according with the contract signed with the organisation authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization within the framework of the 28035 Directive on the Control of the Package Waste, dated 24.08.2011.
    11. Our company meets all the requirements and follows continuously all the processes indicated in a contract signed with an environmental consultancy company that is authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization within the scope of the 27061 Directive on Environmental Supervision, dated 21.11.2008.

    • OHS risk analysis was performed within the scope of the activities of our company; legislation is complied with and followed continuously.
    • All OHS precautions are followed continuously by all the departments, including production and assembly field (usage of personal protective equipment, warning signs).
    • There are periodical health checks for all the employees in our company.
    • Near-miss conditions are recorded and possible risks are assessed to prevent them from occurring.
    • There are emergency exit directions for emergency management in addition to fire extinguishers and alarm systems which are kept operable. We are conducting training for our employees in case of emergencies.
    • The service purchased from “OSGB” company on Occupational Health and Safety in an eye from outside the company; the system it is managed according to related legislations.




Safe working environment is not created only with sufficient technical tools and equipment. The most important factor for a safe working environment is the experienced and sensitive personnel. Understanding this, Osmanlı Reklam® aims to improve HSE-S policy and to create safe working environment at every step to save people and employees from any damage.

Osmanlı Reklam® is responsible for implementation HSE-S procedures and together with all its employees’ works to achieve HSE-S targets. To raise the awareness of our subcontractors, suppliers and even our environment and to popularize this understanding is our main duty.

Osmanlı Reklam’s Health, Safety & Environment Target



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